Physical Therapy for Knee

Physical therapy is a great way to help any knee pain, increase mobility, and even strength.  If you recently were injured or had surgery in your knee, physical therapy can help you to heal quickly and safely, and get you back to your day to day life before the injury or surgery.  Your knee is a hinge joint comprised of your kneecap (patella), the tibia (shin), the femur (thigh), and is supported by four ligaments. You rely on your knees a lot so you can stay on the move, but because of all the hard work and strain they endure, they can be easily susceptible to chronic pain and injury.  

The experienced physical therapists at All-Star Physical Therapy can make sure you are getting the best care and treatment to help your knees, whether it be for pain, mobility, an injury or surgery.  We recognize the importance of individualized care and treatment when it comes to physical therapy and that your health and wellness is a top priority.  

What to expect from physical therapy for your knee:

During your first visit, your physical therapist will want to ask you questions about your condition and the reasons you are there, as well as evaluate your knee to be certain there is an accurate diagnosis.  Various tests such as tests check your knee’s strength, range of motion, and pain levels will likely be done to ensure a correct diagnosis as well. This will help them to understand the best way to proceed with treatment and they can then develop the best, personalized treatment plan for you.

Now that you have been evaluated, your personalized treatment plan can begin to help you feel and move better.  Your treatment plan will likely consist of a variety of treatment options. Some include:

  • Pain management – A physical therapist may apply modalities including the use of hot or cold devices to the knee region in order to promote deep healing, reduce pain, and reduce swelling.
  • Manual Therapy – Another important method during the physical therapy process is manual therapy where the physical therapist mobilizes the knee in a safe and effective manner to improve your bodily condition.
  • Exercises – Exercises done in-session and as prescribed at home are integral to the success of your physical therapy. They are used to help gradually build up strength and mobility and are the main tool used to help you treat your knee pain.  These exercises could be simple, involving machines, or even a form of cardio. Your physical therapist will demonstrate and assist you will all exercises to ensure that they are being done correctly, safely and is done purely to help your knee.  Your physical therapist will also recommend various exercises that you can do on your own at home to aid your physical therapy progress.


Physical therapy is a great way to help you quickly and properly heal from any injury or surgery done to your knee and help treat any pain or mobility problems.  Consider using All-Star Physical Therapy if you need physical therapy for your knee to be sure you are getting the best treatment possible. Our physical therapists are eager to help you make a speedy recovery as well as help you move and feel better.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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